(1/2) Your podcast was so helpful in processing the finale. Upon further reflection, I thought the ending was quite brave and poignant, when taking the whole season into consideration. It was so harrowing to see a woman slowly lose her sense of reality and place in the world. Like others, I thought Carrie’s initial mental breakdown was mere Emmy bait and/or lazy plot device, but the writers committed to taking this story to its conclusion.

I’m not here for Carrie torture porn, but the S7 ending made a lot of sense to me and was quite realistic for HL standards. I can’t imagine Carrie doing anything else, given the circumstances. My other thought was that the S7 finale could have easily been the series finale, which makes me hopeful that there might be a glimmer of a happy ending. I hope we get a glimpse of seeing Carrie glue the pieces of her life back together (again).

I’m glad the podcast helped. It helped me, too. I had an initial reaction to the finale that was pretty negative but after a few days of reflection I did come around, for all the reasons you stated. 

I think what really drives home Carrie’s state at the end of the season–she has completely and totally lost her mind, and that’s frightening on many obvious fronts–is that we just saw her regain it. We feel Carrie’s pain when she’s in that cell and Yevgeny says the pill was sugar. We know it so acutely, and so recently! Also Claire Danes was phenomenal.