What do you think Maggie’s reaction was to Carrie getting captured? What do you think it’ll be when she sees what shape she is in?

I’m sure that Maggie was incredibly upset when she learned that Carrie was captured, and that she would have had to work extraordinarily hard to hide that from Franny. 

Carrie’s return, on the other hand, would be worrisome in a whole new way. Carrie never wanted Franny to see her that way — in fact, she told Maggie early in the season that she’d rather Franny believe she was dead than know that she was trapped in a psych ward. 

There are a lot of layers to be unpacked here. Maggie’s reactions and Maggie’s responses. Maggie told Carrie that, “we don’t lie to our children.” But what does she tell Carrie’s daughter after she’d promised to take care of her, after Carrie herself had promised Franny that she’d come home? 

It’s a really fragile situation, and a terrible one, for everybody involved.