I love the idea of Carrie being turned, thus coming full circle in S8. However, knowing AFG as well as I do, he’ll end the season leaving us wonder. Is she or isn’t she? And in the Emmy For Your Consideration panel, he’ll say, “Well, what do YOU think?” or “I love how this challenges our audience to think.” Am I right?

I don’t know tbh I find the whole “is she turned” thing to be really overblown. I don’t think it was ambiguous at all. What I’m left with at the end of the season is not, “has she been turned?” Look at her goddamn eyes in that scene. She doesn’t know who Saul is. How could she have been turned.

Instead, I’m left with, “wow, how will she come back from this and how will she be changed?” 

And there’s nothing ambiguous about that.