For Sara: So what can you tell us about Claire’s new movie? (Without being too spoilery of course)


(Ok real talk I made Ashley come with me to NJ to see it and I think I had… fairly even expectations about it. I’d watched all the cast interviews and read all the reviews after Sundance so I knew what to expect mostly about the plot. Still, the whole “Jim Parsons and Claire Danes play a married couple” of it all was the part that flummoxed me. Suffice to say they are super believable. Ashley and I were both… surprised about that. 

Claire is really different in this than she is Homeland. Which, duh, but can I just say she is silly and neurotic and dweeby and it’s filled with all these human moments. Like in one scene, Jim’s character has just brought home some chocolate-covered something from the grocery store and she does this fake aggravated yell like GAHHHH WHY DO YOU KEEP BUYING THIS SHIT I WILL NOW EAT ALL OF IT as she pops one into her mouth. In another she does the MOST RIDICULOUS YET CUTE YET DISGUSTING twirl as she reads something off a piece of paper. Oh also there is a scene toward the end that most of the reviews talk about so I was prepared-ish but in so many ways NOT prepared. Claire and Jim fucking slay it. It ruined me. I’m still thinking about it a day later. I’ll be thinking about it for a while. 

ANYHOOZLES: Claire was awesome and it was so great to see her in a decidedly non-Carrie Mathison role but still just act the fuck out of it. It’s a small but deeply human movie–so different from the heightened reality of Homeland. I thoroughly enjoyed it.)