Wow, they really changed things up for this season finale by not killing Quinn again. :D But seriously, I did like that they didn’t kill as many people in this finale. Enjoyed the suspense of the race to the plane and Carrie’s capture. Liked Keane’s speech and the rivalry between Carrie and Yevgeny. The very end was heartbreaking, but at least she’s alive and we know she’ll be on her meds in the next season. For once I’m not grieving after a finale ha!

I agree with a lot of what you say about the episode in general–and yet I felt like I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car during the Russian parts of the episode: The driver keeps hitting the accelerator while the road is blocked and I know he does it deliberately and it will end badly. And as hard as I try to close my eyes and not watch, when we finally crash into the wall I do feel the impact with my whole body.

It’s no secret that I am the one here having a hard time with a lot of Carrie’s choices this season, but right now I am grieving and still shaken to the bones from what happened to her. So, yes, she is alive. But that’s all.