All this BS about carrie not being able to live a normal life. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that anymore. She’s no longer in the CIA she can ABSOLUTELY live a normal life. We all have the power of choice and she can choose to not put the mission first. Why can’t she stay home and fight for Franny? The same fans crying for her to put her child first, are now saying “Oh but she is by leaving her with Maggie”. Bull. Honky. I hate when people do a complete 360.

The motherhood question is one of the big topics of season 7 and we here at HYH have had many discussions about the depiction of motherhood, feminism and misogyny related to that depiction in season 7. And I absolutely get your frustration. Some of your sentences could be mine, verbatim, during our discussions.

You can read some of our posts about Carrie’s choices as a mother here, and you’ll find sentences like

  • Carrie is always about the mission, for better or worse. Unfortunately, it’s Franny that is on the losing end of that proposition.
  • Of course it will get worse, and we all will rightfully blame Carrie for making the wrong choices for Franny–again.
  • Carrie always has to make a choice between her professional and her private life. She can never have both.
  • She tried to be a good mother, and did well for some time, but failed again, and now Franny’s life is at risk. Maggie is the one with the foot on the break to save Franny’s health.
  • I am really really really unhappy that the only way they can come up with to show a successful spy Carrie is also a Carrie who sucks as a mother –and that’s rather misogynistic. 

So I don’t think there’s a 360-degree change about her for any of us, and many of us are deeply frustrated with the show’s inability to balance the two storylines.

But based on season 7 canon this is what we got: a Carrie who is not able to make that choice (to not put the mission first) and who arguably would feel like she had to cut off an important part of her innermost being if she would make such a choice. As frustrating as that is, given the situation as it is, it’s the best possible choice to leave Franny with Maggie and her family. That’s frustrating but a sad fact.