the Lonas testimony was jarring for many reasons, but mainly where is the “Quinn died a hero” continuity? If they’re truly rid of him on the show and want everyone to think of him as having died a hero, I think that testimony (and lack of mention of him by at least means this season other than the credits) was weird. What about Max’s “they’re treating him like some sort of action hero”? Nope, he’s back to being an unstable homeless dude. Also really want to know what carrie wrote down about that

It was in character for Lonas to say that. She thought the same thing last season. Remember how she described talking to Franny, who feared she was going to die in that basement? 

Anyway, your last sentence reminded me that I also was super curious about what Carrie was writing down and I thought they were going to do a reveal at the end with all her notes. 

Gail thinks she wrote “fuck off.” I hope she wrote “lonas rhymes with jonas” to the mental tune of “Allison………”