Recap Roundup

Homeland Season 7 Episode 10 “Clarity”

Freeing Carrie up from the sole responsibility of parenting Franny was a “long time coming” and the way in which the show handled it felt right. “Safe has it’s advantages,” especially where a child is concerned. Maggie’s speech to Carrie gives her the permission to have both roots and wings. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. Dante was quite the afterthought in this episode – as he should have been. He was never a poor man’s Quinn – he was a double-agent who ultimately couldn’t play the game at the same level as spies like Carrie and Yevgeny. His redemptive moment in the last episode, saving Franny’s life, was a better farewell than his character deserved.

Keane is a “woman who cannot see past her own vindictiveness” and where Carrie finds clarity this episode – Keane doubles down on her paranoia. Carrie hit her metaphorical wall in “Useful Idiot.” When will Keane hit hers? Because it’s coming – and that will surely complicate life for Carrie, Saul and Co. – Gail

Entertainment Weekly – written by Shirley Li

“It finally happened. Carrie, after struggling for so long, has come to understand what everyone else already knew: Her true love is this country, and as much as she loves her daughter, she’ll always end up putting her work first. Hey, the show’s not called Franny.”

Vulture – written by Brian Tallerico

“Carrie Mathison and President Elizabeth Keane are both faced with life-changing decisions this week. Carrie’s daughter Franny could be taken away from her forever, while Keane could play right into the hands of Russian operatives who have been working to dismantle the entire U.S. government all season long. Carrie ends up making the right decision when she’s at that crossroads; Keane almost certainly does not. And as our actual president faces ongoing investigations about Russian collusion, it’s impressive how much Homeland season seven has been a funhouse mirror version of the real world.”

AV Club – written by Scott Von Doviak

“By the end of “Clarity,” a sense of relief has taken root in the homeland. True, the president appears unhinged, is firing people left and right, and is about to precipitate a constitutional crisis, but that hardly raises an eyebrow these days. The important thing is that Carrie Mathison has relinquished custody of her daughter Franny, who now has a chance at some semblance of a normal childhood. The only lingering question is, “What took so long?”