Ladies, can we please talk about how certain members of the fandom bashed Quinn for leaving his child but now that Carrie has done the same exact thing she’s regarded as being selfless. Which is it?

Is the alternative that Carrie draws out this custody battle, subjecting Franny to more uncertainty and more instability? For fuck’s sake, y’all! We need to acknowledge she did the right thing here–the selfless thing, as we know it broke her to do it–for her child. 

The way this connects to Quinn (and it’s not some three-years-old fandom bullshit) is that he’d no doubt be proud of her. Franny is a gift, but not everyone is fit to be a parent. He got that. Carrie seems to have clarity about it now, too. Maybe one day she’ll get back to her daughter. Until then, she’s putting her child first. Which is what everyone around her (and all of us watching) always wanted.