Looking forward to reading what you ladies thought of the final scene…. quite brutal to watch

Ashley: The last scene was full of things I never in my life ever want to see again ever, thank you very much. I was very late watching the episode, and I’d seen a reference to Franny getting hit by a car, so I’d assumed that this really happened. And when Amy Hargreaves mentioned in her interview that 7.10 was her most favorite and least favorite episode to shoot, we all picked up via context that shit was gonna go down re: Franny. All of a sudden, and through the entire episode, I believed that she and Carrie would be dealing with the aftermath of Franny getting hit by a car. 

Instead, we had to experience Carrie’s trauma of almost hitting Franny with her car, then imagining that she actually had, then reliving the deaths of Brody, Aayan, Quinn (as far as she knows so far, obviously, #quinnspiracy) — only to walk in on the latest casualty of Carrie Mathison. 

To quote our friend Laura over at FMRF: “Each episode just keeps telling the last one “’here, hold my beer.’”

Gail: Ashley’s answer and Laura’s quote are so spot on. I was in the “Carrie killed Franny” camp when I first watched it. Guest live tweeting from HYH and looking between the TV and Twitter definitely didn’t help. I found the Franny scenes excruciatingly hard to watch, especially because I thought it might have happened. If Homeland was trying to make sure we felt Carrie hitting the metaphoric wall Saul warned her she would hit in 6.12, they sure did the job with me. 

Sara: The more I’ve thought about the end of the episode this week, the more I have come to really strongly dislike it. I didn’t even like Claire’s acting, though in fairness there are not so many ways to scream hysterically or react believably to thinking you have killed your kid. I don’t know, man. Not a fan.