I’m calling it. Yevgeny will be Carries new love interest and possibly even the one she ends up with. They’re so alike in so many ways (although we were often told that she couldn’t be with Q – someone who was just like her – but okay 🙄) but yeah I have a very strong feeling about this and can’t shake it.

I can’t see it, honestly. Yes, they’re similar in… ways, but as a love interest? I’d bet against it. 

It’s not like she can honeytrap him. He knows who she is. Her designation in the Russians’ flow chart was “Useful Idiot.” 

It’s not like he can honeytrap her. Like, for a brief second, I thought, “well Saul fell in love with a Russian spy…” but Saul didn’t know Allison was a double agent. 

Maybe I’m just not that creative, but I can’t come up with a single plausible way for them to get together. Carrie is crazy, but she isn’t stupid. Yevgeny is, as far as we know, neither crazy nor stupid. A little impulsive, sure — Simone called him out on it.

But it seems to me like he loves Simone pretty much as much as any guy who encourages his girlfriend to go fuck another dude possibly could. 

I just… don’t see it.