This isn’t really an ask more of a comment/observation from the sneak peek for the upcoming episode. I think there is a slight time jump happening. I think maybe a few weeks, enough time for Carrie to “level out”. I just can’t see her going from screaming on the floor of a hospital to a courtroom in the following day(s) to fight for her daughter.

Y’know, I was thinking about this as I watched that preview clip between Carrie and Saul last night. And it does look like Carrie is in some sort of hospital in the clip. And a time jump to allow Carrie to “level out” also makes sense – as does one to account for the time needed to get a court date (although, if Carrie was in the hospital, wouldn’t Maggie back down? that was her entire deal right?). But the Russian stuff and Keane’s presidency seem so time sensitive, so could they really jump forward more than just a handful of days?