Sarah, I’m all for Carrie trying trying trying trying to be a mom until her last breath, but she can do that without Franny, once she can demonstrate that she can keep her shit together for some time, maybe she can have her again… until then trying at F’s psychological expense is a NO 👎🏼

I agree with you. 

My point on the pod–and I suppose it wasn’t clear–was not that Carrie should keep trying when she doesn’t have her shit together, thus putting Franny at risk. 

In that clip, which is short and fairly out of context, she seems committed to making it work, to leaving behind the CIA work that was impeding her ability to be the type of present mother her child needs. She also seems pretty lucid and medicated. She talks about second chances and that to some extent does imply she’s attempting to demonstrate she can keep her shit together. In that preview clip, Carrie says she needs to focus on being a mom.

And after all that, Saul’s like “that didn’t work last time COME WITH ME TO RUSSIA.” 

And that’s when I said that, just because her previous attempt(s) at motherhood were not successful, doesn’t mean that she should just give up forever. Which I honestly think is what Saul is implying. And I don’t think that’s the right attitude for Carrie to have (and I covered on the pod why Carrie’s own fears of abandonment are echoed in her approach to motherhood) or for FUCKING SAUL TO HAVE. Saul’s comment IMO is entirely wrapped up in his desire for Carrie to come back to the CIA and have nothing to do with the safety of that child, and that’s why I got so ragey on the podcast (and just now, here).