Is this a new low for Carrie? I feel I say this every week. Carrie has never felt more unreliable. Before even her psychotic breakdowns seemed predictable. We’d know she’d eventually come down from them but now we don’t know when they’ll come and if she’ll actually ever be ok. Are we supposed to believe that after her breakdown she’ll be fine go to court and for Saul to send her off to a mission? It’s clear she’s not learning from her past and she’s got no one to put her foot on the break.

How low will she sink? I don’t know. 

I just hope she will get it, that she will confess she can’t have a child while living such a life at risk, a life she deeply needs. She knew it before Franny was born. And now she has to make a decision. And others have to make this decision. She doesn’t have the mindset or the attitude of being a caring mother, that the child’s wellbeing has to go first. Having a child wasn’t the greatest wish she had in life. And her way of acting shows it. It’s not priority #1 and I wouldn’t blame her mental illness for it. It’s part of her character. Everyone around her is telling her that she can do it, that she has to do it and how great motherhood is. She tried to be a good mother, and did well for some time, but failed again, and now Franny’s life is at risk. Maggie is the one with the foot on the break to save Franny’s health. But she can only save Franny, not Carrie.

And the reason why I think Carrie is kind of okay and going to Saul’s mission after the custody battle is because she has nothing to lose anymore.