I love Yevgeny, I’m sorry. That is one badass baddie.

Gail: I do not love him, but I definitely think Carrie has a worthy adversary for the first time in a long time. I see so many parallels between him and Carrie that I am genuinely worried for her. He seems capable of anything and everything. “Is there no line?” PARALLELS. Will Carrie finally find the line? When she does, will Yevgeny cross it? I’m stressed, y’all.

Frangi: Psychologically, Yevgeny entered my good book when he blew up Saul and O’Keefe’s power play. So I am a little worried about myself here, and of course I know he made it only worse, but still. But then he killed Ivan and I can’t forgive him for that. So when he sneaks around now, giving us some black ops vibes, I like him for being such a worthy opponent for Carrie (and his leather jacket).

Sara: I think he should shave his neck. 

Julie: I love him. Like Gail, I think he’s the Russian male counterpart to Carrie. Any means are acceptable as long as it serves the mission. Unpredictable, good looking (Sara is right, his beard could use a haircut!), and totally badass. He doesn’t play by the rules, which makes him pretty interesting.

Ashley: The other day I was messaging Sara and was like “Yevgeny is my fave,” and she was like, “Really? I think he should shave his neck.” Which she already has said here.