Brody, Ayan, Quinn in one vision? Seriously? Are they out of theirs minds? Christ… only dead people left Behind her back?….

I believe Carrie and Saul didn’t expect that poisoning Dante would end with him in the hospital, nor that the Russians would get to him. Especially in the Homeland universe, the best laid plains… Plans often go wrong and situtations get fucked up. They’ll never learn. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

But it is how it is, and Carrie (and Saul) played with Dante’s life and now she’s afraid he will be another victim that paved the way to mission success. Just like Brody, Aayan, and Quinn. Wrong decisions, with the worst outcome. She feels guilty in this moment and it all comes out. It’s too much. She’s in this manic episode and mentally not stable, not at all.

Just minutes ago, she left Franny at school in a hectic rush because the Russians interfered in their operation, trying to kill Dante. And in this rush she almost hit Franny with the car. I mean, it’s obvious. Carrie’s mind is playing games, it’s like she’s going really crazy, she sees things that are not there and hears voices, and everything is much worse than it really is. It’s not a normal breakdown. She looks kind of schizophrenic.


I don’t even know if Carrie understands this guy right here. “He didn’t make it.” To me his lips don’t fit to what Carrie understands. But to her, her worst fear, killing Dante, just came true.