In Season 7 Episode 7 Silly question was that really Claire Danes in the end of the episode with Dante or a body double. Just a little surprised that Claire will do such a scene. In the past even with Brody -she has something on. Just curious if you guys know.

Anonymous #2: Is this the most naked we’ve seen Claire Danes in Homeland? I always assumed she had it in her contract to expose so much. A bit surprised she’s showing more. Anyone else?

I don’t think it was a body double. 

(My guess is they may have renegotiated her contract to allow for the level of nudity we saw last night, which was of course several degrees more explicit than anything we’ve ever seen on this show, including the way in which the sex was actually shown. Claire has commented on nudity in the past, saying 

“I’m not a physically modest person in life, but I am in my work, because I am anxious that my body is going to be taken out of context in some way. I try to avoid [nudity] whenever I can, but at the same time, I don’t want to be coy. It’s so important for me to be as genuine as possible, so I don’t want to stop when it comes to rendering sex the way that most people have it, which is unclothed.”

Given the context of the scene, it seems like it was not really the time to be coy. I also think the fact that LLG was the director made somewhat of a difference, and my rationale for that is that Claire would be more comfortable doing that degree of nudity with Lesli as the director more than any other person.)