No ask here really, but I find a lot of the S7…

No ask here really, but I find a lot of the S7 hate from Quinn watchers to be more than a little unwarranted and, frankly, sexist (not a new observation). I am in the ‘trying to move on and let the acting and writing of S7 speak for themselves’ camp, and I understand not everyone is able to be in this place, and are still deeply anger and saddened by the loss of Quinn. I joined the fandom rather recently, so it makes me sad to see so much of negativity in an ostensibly supportive fandom space.

One of these days—not today, as it’s too long for an ask
reply—I’ll write about the chronology of this fandom and what I’ve observed. I’ve
been in the fandom in a pretty major way for over five years and I’ve
definitely seen shifts occur. There was a great shift after season three, there
was one after season five, and there was yet another right before season seven.

The Homeland fandom is interesting because it’s SO SO small.
And has gotten smaller over the years. This is something that I’m not sure
everyone is aware of, but when I first joined in 2012, at least on Tumblr,
there seemed to be far more “mainstream” multifandom TV members (i.e., people
on Tumblr who were part of several TV show fandoms and not exclusively on
Tumblr for Homeland) than there are now. I think a lot of this can be chalked
up to the varying quality of the show over the years, but there may be other
factors (to me it’s like a chicken/egg thing).

Because the fandom is so small, I think things innately feel more personal than they might in another fandom, where there are
more spaces and communities to voice your opinion and feel heard or seen. This
is somewhat how it felt in 2012/2013. Carrie/Brody and Carrie/Quinn fandoms
existed more or less separately and there was not a lot of overlap. I tried to
house a space for both of them on HYH in the beginning (as that was always my
intent). At no point at that time, however, did it ever feel like the two sides
were warring or contentious. There was not an “us vs. them” mentality. They disagreed but it was almost always civil.

After season four—specifically, after PaleyFest in Spring
2015—this shifted, most specifically because I was going through a “Carrie
and Quinn are not right for each other” phase and voiced that, quite plainly
and clearly, on HYH, and was received with ridicule. This is not a “please feel
sorry for Sara for taking heat” moment. It’s just what happened. I latched onto
Carrie being happy and attributed that to Jonas and wouldn’t let go for dear
life. I had a lot of problems with Quinn, with their relationship, and was not
really feeling anything that they were doing until very late in the season. But
during that interim, I had the loudest voice at the time, and many people strongly
disagreed with what I was saying—both because it seemed to be so obviously
wrong (which it pretty much was) and because it felt like an attack against
Quinn and Carrie/Quinn, which was more or less the main reason they were watching. 

Ironically, as my intent from the beginning was to be able to house differing and various opinions on HYH, those same people felt they didn’t have a space on HYH. They didn’t
have a voice or space to be heard or discuss the show separate from HYH. This
is around the time Twitter DM chats and LiveJournal communities cropped up to
discuss the show away from Tumblr/HYH. What all of this produced was a very clear split.

If you think of the Homeland fandom like a piece of paper, the first
fold (divide) occurred after season three. The piece of paper was folded again
after PaleyFest and more sharply after season five ended. And now the final
(hopefully, final!) fold has occurred. It didn’t actually occur after season
six, because we were all on the same page that season six fucking sucked and
Quinn should not have died and the response from TPTB was horrible. Weirdly, we were all united in our anger in the
immediate aftermath of season six. As time went on, however, I think this last fold
occurred—it was just hard to tell because it occurred over about 8-10 months,
basically in slow motion.

What’s occurring now is a weird fun house mirror version of
what happened in season five. Instead of “Carrie/Jonas,” however, it’s “Homeland
without Quinn.” There are some people who are actually on board with “Homeland
without Quinn” and I think that angers the #NoQuinnNoHomeland crowd. To them it
couldn’t be clearer that the show is suffering without him and shitting on his memory, just as it couldn’t
be clearer in season five that the Carrie/Jonas relationship was a disaster
waiting to happen. Again though, because HYH is a platform for this potentially unpopular position, and because HYH is once again the only real
blog to discuss the show and only the show, the negativity has gotten sharper
and louder. It’s like a competition where whoever screams the loudest wins. And,
because of the small size of the fandom and the personal relationships that
have formed out of the show (and in some cases may exist only because of it),
these divisions are more deeply felt. The disagreement for some transcends television
and becomes really, absolutely personal. And we all know that when it’s
personal, it’s nasty. Unfortunately, actual real-life friendships (or what appeared to be) have been ruined over this TV show. 

(I didn’t really discuss the Carrie aspect of this question
and I have some thoughts on it – mainly that Carrie is the best/most obvious
option to “blame”—in the show—for what happened with Quinn. So the negativity
and hatred is more directed toward her than anyone else. She essentially
rebuffed/rejected Quinn, whom she arguably didn’t deserve in the first place,
and he died feeling unloved. That’s a really, really shitty spot to have to sit
in if you were watching for Quinn, or if he was the character you related to
the most. Why wouldn’t you be angry? Where it becomes more complicated is that
I endlessly defend her. It’s another flavor of the type of conflict I describe