I just discovered your podcast this season and really enjoy listening to your insightful takes on each episode. It’s truly a pleasure. Here’s a fundamental question I have about season 6: how the heck is Carrie persona non grata when she saved the president-elect’s life (with the aid of Quinn of course). I know a measure of suspended disbelief is necessary, it this is asking too much. Keane knows Carrie was her lifesaver, so leaving her jobless and broke just does not ring true.

That’s a good question and I can only offer a suggestion of an answer. I don’t think you can overstate the fact that Keane was fundamentally rocked by the assassination attempt and any sort of rational line of thinking or thought went out the window. She felt the need to exact revenge on her political enemies, real and imaginary, and Carrie was the pawn in her game. Politics is dirty. She used Carrie when it was convenient and in her best interests to do so, then disposed of her because, as Saul said, she couldn’t “rise above her own vindictiveness.”