1/2 I do not hate Carrie because she might want comfort in Dante or others – it is human and I try to separate it from her relationship with Quinn. But I will not give up my hate for the writers who (I’m convinced) keep writing these scenes between them in an obvious attempt to bring the romance back when political and spy stuff aren’t enough. If it twists the knife for Quinn fans, that’s just the bonus for them. He is not a mole just as Otto wasn’t.

2/2 Also I strongly disagree it is nessesary to link almost every male character to Carrie sexually or romantically. She uses sex to get advantage in spy game, that’s fine (Brody, Ayan, liquer store guy). But to show or imply that she for sure was/will be involved with almost every collegue she worked with? Then Otto? Now Dante? Writers are sleazy bunch of old men having a midlife crises together.

I feel you, I really do. And that’s why I try to rationalize what season 7 is doing and isn’t doing–and it certainly made my life a lot easier.

So, at least for now–and at this juncture highly likely forever–Quinn is gone. Carrie has a history of internalizing her feelings and we’ve seen that before. So far this season, we’ve seen glimpses of what Quinn’s loss means to her (the shrink scene).

Whatever the writers intended with season 6 and whether they were successful or not, this is season 7 now and they still have 1.5 more seasons to tell. Of course they’ll use the full toolbox of storytelling devices in their arsenal, as it’s the only chance they have to make a successful TV show. And having a heroine who is bipolar and uses sex as a tool (we’ve seen that before as well) means that there is a chance they’ll do that again.

Does that mean we have to like it? That’s a personal choice up to each and everyone of us. Does that diminish Quinn’s role in Carrie’s life and the show? Not for me. Does that justify how they picture Carrie and her sexuality? No. 

But here’s where I do struggle: I wish it were different and they’d chosen to tell a different story, but on the other hand it can be one symptom of being bipolar, and, as I said, I’ve seen it before. So it’s not completely wrong to go there again, especially with Carrie being off her meds or at least on an uncontrolled medication scheme.

Do I wish for Carrie to have a healthy, loving partnership and a fulfilling sex life based on trust? Hell yes. Did I wish that for her and Quinn together and did I think they could have had that? Yes, I still do. But it’s not the story they chose to tell and nothing we wish for will ever change that.

Anson happened a few years back, and I am almost certain that every woman in her late thirties has been with a few guys, so I give her and the writers a pass.

The more interesting question to me is whether Dante is a mole and at what point he will or will not betray Carrie’s trust and what consequences that will have. And what Anson is up to.

Surprisingly enough, I find Dante a lot less annoying than I thought I would based on the spoilers Julie collected this summer and autumn. Whereas Anson and the black ops tropes they associated with him really made me uncomfortable.