Recap Roundup

“Active Measures” – Homeland Season 7 Episode 5

AV Club – written by: Scott Von Doviak

“Sharp-eyed viewers noted that the hospital photographer responsible for the fake news last week was played by Costa Ronin, who plays the KGB agent Oleg on The Americans. It’s up to Saul to plug Homeland back into the current of Fear In Our Time, and that means Russian interference and fake news. He flies to Wyoming to visit a Russian defector and pick his brain about possible masterminds behind the fake news that sparked the Lucasville shootout. Between this and the ongoing alt-right storyline, it’s more and more evident that Homeland is doing a Trump season without Trump. Whether or not they ultimately pull it off, what began as an erratic season is starting to coalesce nicely.”

Vulture – written by Brian Tallerico

“Active Measures” is all about picking up the pieces after the disaster at the end of last week’s episode. As Carrie Mathison gets the wheels spinning during her investigation into Simone Martin — a bit slowly, though the episode ends with the shocking zinger that we may not actually know what happened to General McClendon — the season’s big theme is starting to coalesce nicely. It’s a theme that’s inherent in two of Saul’s words this week, a pair of words that are important enough to Homeland that they’re mentioned in every episode’s opening credits: “Information Warfare.”

TVLine – written by Dave Nemetz

* Saul’s hunt for the source of the J.J. fake news report led him to needle an old friend for information on a particular Russian muckraker named Yevgeny. Will Saul get to the bottom of this whole Russian meddling thing before our own government does? (Survey says: very likely!)
* Carrie and Dante’s romance keeps developing. He’s even keeping a close eye on her meds. Aw!
* The spy mission to “shake up” Simone was mostly successful, I guess, but I’m confused: Why didn’t Anson and his colleagues wear masks while kidnapping Simone? Now she knows exactly what they look like. Seems like that’d be something they’d learn on Day 1 on CIA school, no?

Entertainment Weekly – written by Shirley Li

“Saul and Krupin take a walk, but Krupin doesn’t tell Saul what he wants to hear. Though he acknowledges that a similar situation happened in Ukraine to spark the separatists’ anger — it resulted in an invasion, Saul notes — Krupin says Russia wouldn’t want to carry out something so similar so soon after “we got caught with our hands in your elections.” (Homeland bingo players, please cross “Plotline Blatantly Tied to Current Events” off your board.)”

New!  Gail’s Recap Weekly Award Winners:

Best Snark: Entertainment Weekly “Homeland bingo players, please cross “Plotline Blatantly Tied to Current Events” off your board.”

Worst Take:  TVLine – Carrie and Dante’s romance – BARF.

Most Insightful Connection:  Vulture – Pointing out the running theme of “Information Warfare.”  From the credits and throughout each episode – the information you believe is what gives you perspective.  That perception becomes your reality.  Profound AF.

Overuse of “Coalesce”:  Two way tie – AV Club and Vulture.  Was it in the press release or what?