Part I – Okay, ladies. I got a lot of questions. WTF is up with Bennett? He inserted the failed bug. And then where the fuck was he for the rest of the operation? I heard his voice say, “I’ll cover it,” when Carrie went into the bathroom at the bar. What was he covering? Carrie? From where? I thought maybe he was in the vehicle with Asshole Anson and Stupid Stein, but I don’t see him in any vehicles at any point. Did I miss something? Dante is the one who suggested the second bug, which actually

Part II – worked. How funny Simone left her purse in the uber. Did Bennett warn her? She has the presence of mind to walk out calmly from being attacked at work and go fuck Wellington, but forgets her purse in an uber? And again, WHERE DID BENNETT GO? Also WTF is Dante pushing Paley when he refused to talk to him previously? I know Dante is acting suspiciously, and this doesn’t help. Oh, and lastly, I would really like to punch oh-fuck-me-Anson in the nuts.

1. Someone asked if the bar had a back entrance. That’s what Bennett was covering – to make sure that Simone didn’t exit from the back of the bar without them noticing and before Carrie could put the second bug in her purse.

2. Stein and Anson are in a pick-up truck and Bennett exits in another car, which is why they didn’t wait for him when they were following the Uber. He’s in the foreground here, and Anson is in the background:

3. The two failed bugs is suspect af but too much suspicious shit has been happening for it to be a NEW person. It’s more than likely that Dante is the mole, which makes my feelings about him being nice to Carrie even more uncomfortable! 

4. Re: Dante suggesting the second bug, he couldn’t actually be like “oh well, guess we’re done!” If he hadn’t suggested it, somebody else would have. Better to seem like you’re a team player than just give up. He’s working with Carrie Goddamn Mathison. She wouldn’t have stopped at one failed bug. 

5. I like Anson. He is probably out of his damn mind, and I hope he got his stroopwafels. SUE ME!!