I Watch Homeland So You Don’t Have To – Season…


If you need to catch up, here ya go. The season is almost halfway over, thank goodness, and the Quinn Count is pretty much same ol’ same ol’. 

Carrie’s new team includes a real asshole, Anson, who she previously fucked. He’s a loose cannon (punching Simone when Carrie told him not to do so), kinda like Carrie, so no wonder they hooked up before. There are a few possible references to Quinn, or at the very least they bring Quinn to mind:

  1. Carrie locates Anson in a dirty trailer. Not a drug den exactly, but still…
  2. Anson greets Carrie with “Oh, fuck me.” Nice touch, assholes.
  3. Carrie tells Anson, “You smell bad.” Sound familiar?

Other Thoughts:

  1. O’Keefe is barely in this episode, praise Jeebus.
  2. IVAN! Our favorite Russian defector makes an appearance. Saul suspects the Russians are behind the fake news of JJ’s death that lit the match resulting in 19 dead people at the Elkins’ property. Saul reaches out to Ivan for information, but it’s obvious Saul doesn’t trust him.
  3. The scene where Keane attempts to persuade Jackie Goodman (wife of slain FBI agent Goodman) to attend the memorial service for the 14 militia killed during the FBI fiasco left me feeling positively nauseated. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to write and shoot these scenes? Keane, a white woman in ultimate power as POTUS, asks an African American woman (“picture of restraint”) to attend a memorial service full of white separatists who verbally accost her and the other two FBI wives who accompany her. The only thing that saved them from something worse than insults and palpable hatred is another white woman, Mary Elkins (wife of slain Bo Elkins), who calmly asks them to the front and takes Ms. Goodman’s hand. There is so much bullshit here to unpack with how Keane asked Mrs. Goodman to risk her safety and dignity, and I am not fully equipped to explain it all. Just know, it’s fucking bullshit. 
  4. It’s so sweet and touching how Dante keeps tabs on Carrie’s medication needs 🙄 And I find it very interesting Dante wants to bring Senator Paley back into the action. Why?
  5. As suspected, it’s looking more and more like Wellington was not involved in McClendon’s killing. However, Simone confirmed she was involved. So, who is Simone working for?

As a white European woman living far away from that reality, but with all my baggage from living in several countries on several continents, the scene between Jackie Goodman and Keane made me tear up. It was ugly and horrible, and yet one gets why Keane does it and feels she has to do it. HL ambiguity, again. It might be the truth that this is nowadays America, and apparently this is the task Gansa and the writers set themselves – portraying today’s United States – but it was the scene I hated most in an Episode which had many scenes I liked. Ivan (God, he made me even like Saul and his wise old man attitude), the surveillance van and how much Carrie loves being on that turf again, dialogues which are actually layered with humour, Max. I don’t even want to talk about Anson though for all the reasons you stated above @lalalarrr. Just that it’s interesting that they didn’t go for subtle here but put their sexual pat out in the open right away.