I feel like the ‘flirting’ between Carrie and Dante is quite out of the blue haha that progression in their relationship just feels off and a bit rushed for HL its not the kind of show that just chucks romance in there for the sake of it (many of the writers were reluctant about the CQ romance because it felt cliche or something) so yeah I’m pretty convinced Dante is a mole (not to mention the whole “2 bugs going dead in the one mission thing”)

Carrie’s bedroom eyes at Dante made me feel ill. But thankfully I’m steadfast in my conviction that Dante is up to no good. He has way too much power over her right now. She’s trusting him to oversee her (illegal) meds and to be a part of their covert (and surely illegal) operation after he forcibly shoved her to the ground, told her to get lost and then (clearly) called the cops on her when she broke into Simone’s house. Dante has all the tea and is shady AF.