What do you think the first meeting between Saul and Carrie will be like? Do you think she’ll be really angry with him for joining Keane’s administration, considering Carrie is so upset about Keane jailing the 200, esp in light of what Quinn sacrificed? Or will she understand that he joined most likely out of a feeling of duty or coercion? Do you think she talks to Saul about Quinn?

Before I started answering this ask, I legitimately did not realize how many feelings I have about this, or how strong those feelings are.

I know that Carrie has a lot going on right now, mental health-wise and conspiracy-wise and family-wise, but I hope that she tears him the fuck down when they next share the screen together. She found out two things simultaneously — that he was out of prison and that he’d been appointed National Security Advisor to Keane. 

The last time they spoke, as far as we can tell, was when he FaceTimed his arrest to her. He called her when he wanted her help. But he gets out of prison and he can’t pick up the phone? He is legit the worst fucking person. All that shit, Keane’s betrayal, Quinn’s death, and she has to find out on TELEVISION that Saul is out of jail AND working with/for the woman who put him there in the first place. 

Remember how upset he was even two and a half years later because Carrie fucked up his chance to be CIA Director after S4? This is so many miles and miles worse than that, if you ask me. It’s on a different planet of awful. I hope she impales his smug head on a stick. 

And I hope she calls him out on ALL of this. Saul didn’t join out of a sense of duty or coercion. I don’t give him that much credit. He got himself out of jail, he earned a bunch of good will from the other 199 people who were unjustly imprisoned, and now he’s the fucking National Security Advisor. 

If Carrie talks to Saul about Quinn, which I doubt she will because she is Carrie Mathison, I hope it’s in the context of her telling him precisely why he can go fuck himself.