Oh, it was not my intention to justify Carrie hate, not at all. NO need to defend anything about her, LOL. Im more of an outsider, at least now, just stating the fact that the Carrie hate run high in s5 because of certain cruicial happenings in the CQ storyline. It was not worse in s6 , IMO, on the contrary. I agree, the hate is linked to how they wrote her and Quinn mostly, but then also with her illness, and the mothering of Franny.

I suppose I just really can’t wrap my brain around people hating Carrie for being bipolar or for the way she mothers Franny. Carrie being bipolar was a central tenet of the show, from the beginning. If you hate that about her, why would you ever watch. 

Re: mothering Franny, I sure wish Carrie was a better mother but how many of those same people hated Don Draper for being a shitty dad?