I have a question for the fandom and will try to ask it here. It seems there are a lot of former fans that only read the blog – I’m one of them. I saw first two episodes but now I just can’t. It’s not all hatred and sorrow, because I still enjoy reading about the show, for the unclear reasons. Sometimes it’s fun to read all the bashing, sometimes it’s nostalgia for my love of S1–4 Carrie, sometimes it’s interest in the opinions you at HYH have. Why do you do it?

Frangi: When I started watching Homeland it caught my interest because of the interesting female lead character. I have a close family member who is bipolar and I found it fascinating – and the depiction very accurate – that a mentally unstable character is the heroine of a spy thriller. The rest is history and it’s no secret that my love for Quinn quickly grew much bigger than my love for Carrie. But I still care for her. I want her to suceed and find a way to be a kick ass spy and a loving mom – and I want to see how the show honors Quinn, and in that our love to that character. I am by far not as invested as I was for S6, so I’m fine with my way to watch. And as for keeping Quinn alive – I still have my fics.

Ashley: I still like the show. 

Sara: I would watch Carrie Mathison wallpaper her house. 

Gail: I love a smartly written and complex show–especially spy thrillers. When I saw the initial promos for Homeland and saw that Claire Danes was in it (My So Called Life was everything when I was a teen), I was interested immediately. I’ve been watching since the beginning and with two seasons left, there is no turning back now. I’ve always liked the show, but I didn’t love it until Quinn’s character came on board. Watching the show this season is definitely bitter sweet for me because I have a lot of anger as to how the show manipulated the audience where his character was concerned, but I love this community of fans and still enjoy aspects of the show. Being a part of HYH and joining the podcasts have helped me enjoy the show again after last season’s dark cloud of hopelessness. Glad you are still able to read the blog!

Julie: I like to see what’s Carrie up to. And then be happy that my life is less complicated and less stressful and that I don’t have to save the country. 🤷🏻‍♀️