Ok trying to clarify my ask. HL staff is repetitive about their PR 1) spy camp, cool, it’s been talked to death in each and every interview for the past 7 years 🙄 2) the ambiguity, there is no right and no wrong, also talked about incessantly at every opportunity, OK Sh PR department sucks, we knew that. Enter LLG, who knows better (or should), and in order to demonstrate 2 you invoke Saul/O’Keefe really? Was that amibigous in terms of right and wrong, didn’t seem as much… (1/2)

(the second part of this got lost)

The “spy camp” stuff is repetitive. The media keeps asking about it though. I think it allows them to relate the show to the news/current events and like it or not there is a huge, insatiable appetite for that right now on the whole. 

LLG talks about the “two sides” thing a lot and it does bother me. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with her finding value in the grey areas of the show (and, by the way, this show has always existed in a grey area – nothing is ever black and white) but because it seems so obvious and as a producer and director I wish she’d have something a bit more interesting and less repetitive to comment on.

As for the video specifically, she says “there is no right or wrong” but that the situation would not have exploded in the same way had there not been so many guns. Which is true. If there were no guns, the FBI wouldn’t have felt threatened and killed the dog and shot JJ and the compound people wouldn’t have taken that other guy hostage and then shot him and all those people wouldn’t have died. 

The way I see it, both sides actually came in looking for a fight. The FBI was antsy and felt embarrassed that O’Keefe had out-run them for so many weeks. The compound people saw this as their own Fort Sumter. 

The points that O’Keefe made in the previous episode when he was talking to Saul, about the people here feeling left behind, are mostly true. He said them in an incendiary, offensive way, but the overall sentiment–that many Americans feel abandoned by their politicians and a more socially progressive, globalist society–is true. That’s why they were so susceptible to the slogan “Make America Great Again.” 

This season they’ve revealed a darker, more tyrannical side of Keane and that by extension makes many of O’Keefe’s overall points about her truer and us more likely to see his perspective. At the same time, he’s still an asshole, a coward, and morally reprehensible. To me, that’s the “both sides” stuff though I’m not sure that’s what LLG was referring to.