It appears (based on pod) that you all think Carrie’s “growth” in 4 episodes is the most we’ve seen since way back when. Is that why they killed Q, the main character’s arc was stagnant and the only way to really show progress was to send in a huge wrecking ball into her life by killing her person ? Do you feel differently now about Quinn’s death ?

I don’t think they killed him so that Carrie could “grow.” I’m not 100% sold on Carrie exhibiting a lot of growth this season–not as much as Gail and Ashley see, I think. I do think her behavior re: her bipolar disorder is different than in past seasons and the character overall is as engaging as she’s been to me in years.

I think the reason they killed Quinn is because they didn’t see a future for him in the show that they wanted to write. That killing Carrie’s “person” would take a wrecking ball to her life is a natural consequence of such a decision but I don’t believe that’s the reason they made it. There are plenty of other ways to do that without killing Quinn.