Interesting about “Carrie hate”. Oh it was certainly my experience that Carrie hate run high in s5. In Quinns storyline on HL, the serious Carrie hate started when she turned him down in 4.12, and multiplied when it was known that she was with Jonas. All the “bad things” with Carrie came to surface then. Then it escalated with 9 days, then coma wake up, Although some found it romantic ( lol, Yikes) , then sex with Jonas, and some sleezy. Interaction with Otto. S6 only made it even worse.

I’ll be honest with you. I started writing a response to this, defending Carrie. Then I realized it’s the year 2018, not the year 2015, and I really don’t need to do that anymore. 

People will hate Carrie for whatever reasons they want, though I hope you recognize that all the reasons you listed here exist entirely around Peter Quinn. In other words, the hate for this complicated, often heroic, difficult, occasionally kind, smart as hell, extremely selfish, sometimes horrible, but sometimes brilliant woman … is because of a man.