Has that picture of Gansa for Cherry Pie Productions always appeared at the end of an episode? Never seen it before.

No. The Cherry Pie Productions image changes with each episode. I’m not sure if they’re images he’s taken or if other family members/friends have. They’re fairly eclectic. These are some of the more interesting ones (there are a LOT of nature/wilderness).

For those who missed it, here was the image from 7.01:

Here’s the card from 4.12, with the famous Saul quote:

Surfing… (1.12):

A chess match (for 2.05, quite appropriate):

Some with this paper mache (?) goose (2.02 and 3.09):

A collection of cakes made by one of the producers in the writers room (5.10):


And a series of his dog (Ashley says HELLO) (4.09):