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❤️ Happy early Valentine’s Day, FMRF fans ❤️

The intro for Meet Me in Montenegro is here, for you to familiarize yourself.

Here is the upshot of why you should definitely watch:

  • Excellent acting from Rupert and his co-star, Jennifer Ullrich
  • Rupert is hilarious! He has the best comedic lines of anyone in the cast.
  • Five, yes five, different global accents from Rupert.
  • Rupert having hot sex!
  • Rupert dancing!
  • And, finally, Rupert flirting with a cat is beyond adorable.

Rupert plays Stephen who is in love with Rike. When we meet them they have lived together in Berlin for several years. Important note: For the purposes of this review and summary, we will focus on Stephen and Rike even though they are the secondary couple in the film. 

As the film opens, Anderson, Stephen’s American friend, arrives in Berlin and goes straight to Stephen’s (Rupert Friend) apartment. Stephen appears from a balcony, exclaiming in an exaggerated fake-German accent [he’s English in the film] about not wanting any Americans.

The three pile into a bed (platonically) and Stephen gives Anderson the big news: Rike and Stephen have been thinking about having a foursome or threesome. Later, Stephen and Anderson go for a walk and come upon some kittens mewing in a kennel. CUTE KITTENS + RUPERT = CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!


Soon after, Rike shows Stephen an ad in a magazine for “Couples Night…Sexy Attire Required…Live Your Fantasy.” You can see Stephen is uneasy, but Rike entices Stephen by telling him she already found a special outfit. Rike is determined, and although Stephen tries to appear confident and jovial, he is actually terrified. This is where I want to scream, “STEPHEN, DON’T DO IT!”

Later, Rike sits at the kitchen table, working. Stephen brings her a cup of tea. He rubs her shoulders, and their conversation turns very flirty. Stephen begins unbuttoning her shirt, and it’s on like donkey kong!


The scene cuts to them fucking upright in bed, and the dirty talk is HOT! After sex, Rike brings up having children. Stephen is clearly not as interested and bristles for a moment before settling back into post-coital bliss.

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This movie is pure Rupert hotness and adorableness!

Gifs will be coming daily. I couldn’t help myself. 

#Every Stephen From Meet Me In Montenegro Scene Ever

This movie was such a nice surprise.