Sydney, I wish you hadn’t invited Cynthia to join you on this blog. She obviously loves the drama and I’m so over the fandom bullshit, from ALL sides. I had to unfollow HYH because it isn’t even a fan blog anymore, it’s about Sara’s hurt feelings and frankly, I don’t give a shit who did what, I just wanted Rupert content. And you let that shit here, too. I was excited at first but Cynthia ruined it with her bad vibes.

First things first: Cynthia is my very good friend. This is not just my blog, and we all value Cynthia’s enormous contributions to FMRF. In fact, this blog would not exist without Cynthia. It was her idea. She had to convince me to do it, and I never could have or would have done it without her. 

Running a fan blog, whether it’s for a TV show or an actor, is kind of an inherently silly thing. The other day I had a major crisis when I was trying to crop a Rupert gif. A few pixels this way, I had to sacrifice his nipple to the Photoshop gods. A few pixels the other way, his perfectly messed up hair. I brought this conundrum to one of our many WhatsApp chats and we all laughed over this problem which, let’s be real, is kind of one of the best problems to have. (I’m very sorry to report that the nip had to be sacrificed.)

That’s what running a fan blog should be, you know? It’s fun! It makes me happy! Every frame of every gif is pure delight from the second I start making it to the second you see it.

So this drama and the bad vibes you mention — with over one thousand posts that we have produced, tons of beautiful gifs and pics of Rupert, facts diligently researched, words carefully and thoughtfully written, you are honing in on the three that were posted in defense of our blog members? Seriously?

You say this is coming from “all sides,” but has it? Really? Where you might see drama, I see that my friends have finally hit their breaking points. No one here, not Cynthia or Sara has asked for, deserved or wanted to even deal with this fucked up hatred that has been thrown their way. But there comes a point when you can no longer turn a blind eye to the bullying, the immature and truly shitty behavior that has infested this fandom and our blogs. 

So here’s the thing, the members of FMRF will continue to work hard in our spare time, away from our jobs and our families, to provide you with the best Rupert content around, and all for free, because we love, admire and absolutely adore this man! (And because we have tons of fun doing it.) We will happily continue to answer Asks when they respect Rupert, Aimee, and members of this blog. And here’s the part where I say that you can always just click unfollow. You don’t even have to finish reading this post or my awesome tags. 

All that said, if you were following HYH for Rupert Friend content… why? I know the lack of Rupert Friend is why I left the HL fandom! 

Happiness lives here.