I would like to know about finding some of the wardrobe pieces that Claire Danes wears in the show. Shoes, jackets, purses etc. Any leads ?Thank You.

Ashley actually owns TWO shirts that Claire wore (WHY DOES CARRIE WEAR TWO SHIRTS TO BED IS A QUESTION THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SATISFACTORILY ANSWERED FOR ME). One is from Alternative Apparel (the infamous grey t-shirt she wears in “The Weekend” and later when gardening in “The Smile”) and she can’t remember where the other is from.

Carrie’s tried and true crossbody bag, which I believe made its first appearance in “Long Time Coming” at her father’s funeral, is actually a MARC JACOBS bag. (Someone write a fic about that purchase, please!) The name of the bag is the Marc Jacobs Sia bag and while we’re not sure the bag is still being manufactured, you can buy it on Gilt here.

Claire has said Carrie wears a lot of Theory. I can’t tell based on their site which styles have appeared on the show but we definitely know she’s shopping in the flared pant section.