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Meet Rupert and Anna Kendrick’s son!

DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? Thank you. Side note: how many fictional sons of this actor do we need to see until he stops dying, actually fathers one of them, or has one of his own irl? Smh…

I read A Simple Favor! And it’s good! It’s not great, but a quick and fun read. Here’s a little Q & A on the character who Rupert is likely to play (h/t to @r_s_k_s_r  for the deduction).

ETA: @ajdito​ reminded me that the press for A Simple Favor has emphasized that Feig is moving away from comedy and that this will be a thriller. Read below with that in mind.

Remind me, why do we think Rupert is playing Chris?

The character of Chris is the only important character not listed on IMDb and Rupert confirmed his participation, as did the Toronto TIFF press. Plus, the character’s general description fits with Rupert’s skills and prettiness perfectly.

But, wait, wasn’t he only in Toronto for a week when it was filmed?

Yep, and that’s why we think the book’s super hot and well-told story of Chris will be seriously abbreviated in the movie, sadly.

Why isn’t Rupert listed in the cast when everyone else is?

My suspicion is that they’re only deciding in post-production whether or not to feature him. (Paul Feig has a history of post-production controversial reshoots, fwiw. He might be covering his bases.) Two issues: First, the dicey topic of an incestuous affair between half siblings being depicted may be at play. It’s true love in the book. The characters meet when they’re of age and didn’t know of each other previously. (They share a father.) Second, the chronology of the book might be a challenge for the screenwriters. Chris’s character is part of Stephanie’s (Anna Kendrick) backstory. It’s an important part of her backstory, the most important, actually, but they may choose to keep the movie focused on the later thriller story.

So, what’s the movie all about?

It’s notable that the book is not a comedy but the movie must have strong comedic elements given that Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Spy, The Heat, Ghostbusters II) is the director, producer, and co-screenwriter. 

Hollywood’s theme du jour – the secrets we keep (think Big Little Lies) and how they play on us in profound and absurd ways throughout our lives – is central to the story. Stephanie’s shame over her affair with her half-brother, Chris, is the reason for her obsession to be a perfect mother after he dies. She becomes a mommy blogger which frames the latter thriller story. BUT, here’s the thing, the central relationship of the book is about Stephanie and Emily (Blake Lively). So, you can all understand the challenge for the screenwriters.

Well, if he’s shown will there be some hot sex?

Almost certainly! Chris’s central purpose in the story is his sexual relationship with Stephanie and none of the other pairings in the book feature much sex. But. Comedies aren’t really known for their hot, sexy scenes, are they? Also, I’m assuming given the young crowd Blake and Anna attract, they’ll want to keep the movie to a PG-13 rating. The biggest reason there WOULD be a sex scene is that it’s, well, sex. There are plenty of people who would want to see Anna in a scene like that.

Stephanie’s love, obsession, and hot sex with her half brother was very compelling  – dark and forbidden yet he’s the unambiguous love of her life. The author doesn’t equivocate on that fact ever. That’s super interesting, if nothing else.

Anyhoo, here are some excerpts about Chris from the book and I promise they will make you smile when you think about Rupert:

Chris had a beautiful smile. We all laughed again. It was more laughing than Mom and I had done since Dad died. “Have more,” my mother said, and refilled his plate without waiting for him to answer.

He sat down next to me. The back of his hand grazed my breast. “Come over here,” he said, though I was already there. I can still hear him say it, and when I do, I feel breathless and my knees get weak, just like they did then. After that, I understood what sex was supposed to be about. Why people would do anything for it. Die for it. Once I knew, I couldn’t get enough.

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Can’t wait for this to come out!!

Thanks for putting this together @lange-c . I can’t wait for this movie to come out.