Any intel on the America First view and discussion tonight? I’m guessing Ashley they are still pretending Q is dead? 😂

We haven’t received any reports as of yet! Preliminary searching has given me zero information. 

It’s interesting to me that Howard Gordon was actually at the panel, not Alex Gansa. Like I’d have given literally anything to be there… I mean, not enough to, like, go to Virginia, but actually I totally was looking up flights. (There are no nonstop flights from Boston -> Charlottesville, alas.)

A few months ago, I had a conversation with an actor who has worked extensively with Howard Gordon. I was talking to him about Homeland, and he informed that his only connection to the show is Howard — and that Howard actually has nothing to do with Homeland anymore.

Obviously you should take that with many grains of salt, but it’s just… interesting to me.

Howard Gordon’s popped up very sporadically over the past couple of seasons. First, he confirmed to us that Quinn was alive. Now, he’s at a panel for a screening of “America First.” Sans Alex Gansa, even. 

What does this mean? I don’t fucking know. Can somebody who went to the panel please, please, please fill us in?